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Weekly Safety Nets

Two Safety Nets are run each week - one for upper Shake Ridge area called Lwood #1 and one for lower Shake Ridge area called Lwood #2.  These Safety Nets are a great way for users to get comfortable with their radios.  Each Safety Net is run at the same time.  Our goal is to connect the nets in the near future which will create one Safety Net covering our entire area.

The more familiar we are with the radios, the more successful we will all be during an emergency. Efficient communication is the key to our success.

We highly encourage all members to be "Net Control" for at least one Safety Net.  The scripts and roster are listed below.  Please sign up on the email app.  Don't be shy - we all stumble in the beginning and the key to communicating comfortably is practice.  It WILL COUNT when an emergency happens.

If you have signed up to be Net Control for one of the Safety Nets, please download the corresponding documents.


Download Member Roster


Wednesday  7:30pm – Lockwood Repeater #1
Lwood #1 on your radio

Download Script #1Download SafetyNet #1 Controllers for January - May 2024


W​​ednesday 7:30pm – Lockwood Repeater #2
Lwood #2 on your radio

Download Script #2Download Safety Net #2 Controllers for January - May 2024



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