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 Lockwood Neighborhood Radio Watch is a group of residents in the Shake Ridge Road corridor that communicate with each other via a system of repeaters that facilitate communications over GMRS radio broadcast. 

Members obtain a GMRS license through the FCC and purchase radios pre-programmed by our volunteers to the frequencies we communicate on.  We provide training and resources for members to effectively communicate with each other during emergencies.  In the event of a major disaster, Amador OES may contact our group to facilite disemmination of pertinent information to the area via our network.

We are an all-volunteer organization fiscally sponsored 501(c)3  through Amador Community Foundation.

We rely solely on donations and grants for funding.

We are sanctioned by Amador County OES, Amador Fire Safe Council, Lockwood Fire Protection District and Amador District 5 Supervisor Brian Oneto.



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